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everything is {grand}

we are enjoying our last week at the beach before heading back to the real world. during our last week here we have invited both sets of grandparents to stay with us and soak in the last few carefree days.

this morning we recorded notes for poppy {my dad who could not be here this week} on my mothers nook. sophie + hazel sat quietly and meditatively and poured out their BIG hearts to this small device.

“you are my best buddy” . . . “thank you for telling me little ralphie stories” . . .
“thank you for getting me up from my naps” . . . “i love you so much i could cry” . . .
“please don’t ever forget me”

i was awe-struck by these words and i realized just how lucky i have been to have such amazing parents and in-laws but even more so how rare and lovely it has been for my girls to build such solid relationships with their grandparents from the moment they first entered the world.

although change is eminent, i can now embrace the change confidently knowing that this solid foundation was purposefully built over the past five years and no matter how many miles are between us our relationships will continue to grow stronger than ever before!

we love you omi, poppy, nana + honey

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wish i may . . . wish i might

one of the biggest gifts i could ever  hope to give our children is the ability to dream {without any inhibitions} and to have the confidence {or maybe naivety} to grab hold – with both hands – the risks that life throws their way.

our transition from point a {knoxville} to point b {brooklyn} has looked more like a grouping of constellations rather than a linear destination. as a gal that takes pride in being somewhat of a misfit, i have rather enjoyed the tangents and stops along the way. each {pit stop} has helped us realize the importance of holding things a bit more loosely while loving as hard as we can!

my wish is that one day sophie + hazel will look back on their childhood with fond {adventurous} memories and a solid foundation that the world is their oyster.

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the seemingly endless summer

a tribute to summer {glam} brought to you by sophie + hazel.

photography by: jennifer crook photography

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greetings from . . . wait where are we again?

located just a mere 670 miles south of new york, the sprouse family is becoming quite familiar with myrtle beach. matt is currently working on a project based at the beach, allowing sophie, hazel and i to tag along on {some} of his work trips and perfect our tans + sandcastle architecture techniques- – not a shabby way to waste the days and escape city life.

as a big {no, huge} fan of the movie shag, myrtle beach triggers in me a nostalgia that longs for the days of drive-ins, dance contests and teenage crushes. i have spent a lot of time driving up and down ocean boulevard  imagining what life must have been like in myrtle beach 1963. i am convinced that i was born too late . . .

some of my favorite motel signs along the boulevard include the sea dip {figuring out a way to snag this sign for my very own collection}, sail inn, sea park, the diplomat and the dolphin.

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yes {ma’am} . . . no {sir}

raised in the deep south saying ma’am + sir equals – at least in my mind – a good and polite upbringing. the words “yes” + “no” just seem to be naked without {ma’am + sir} attached.

i was delighted to come across this lovely print created by {old try} ” a southern print shop north of masons & dixons.” they offer perfectly designed nods to the glorious south.

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so {here} we are

i am a dreamer. there i said it  – i love {at times} escaping reality to imagine the fullness of what this life has to offer me.

a {dreamer} by definition is: a person given to fanciful speculations and enthusiasms with little regard for what is actually possible.

and so begins my story . . .

i am a southern girl who has admittedly lusted for the glamour of big city living without ever thinking that this desire would one day become a reality – – especially now with two young gals by my side – sophie {5} and hazel {3}.

my husband, matt recently took a position working in his company’s manhattan office {much more than a stone’s throw away from our previous home of knoxville, tn} – – but we are embracing this move with complete confidence that we are right where we need to be … together!

as we say good-bye to a city full of dear friends, family and comforts we are overwhelmed by the realization that each person and experience perfectly molded and prepared us for one of the biggest adventures this family of four could have ever imagined. and so begins the tale of the city sprouse {thank you rachel wood turner for naming this blog for me} with all of the joys + trials that come along with big city living.

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