yes {ma’am} . . . no {sir}

raised in the deep south saying ma’am + sir equals – at least in my mind – a good and polite upbringing. the words “yes” + “no” just seem to be naked without {ma’am + sir} attached.

i was delighted to come across this lovely print created by {old try} ” a southern print shop north of masons & dixons.” they offer perfectly designed nods to the glorious south.

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One thought on “yes {ma’am} . . . no {sir}

  1. jdctrucking says:

    I really love this, and I feel the same way about plain old “yes” and “no.” I once had a piece of cherry pie slammed on my table at the Tomato Head when I replied with an enthusiastic “Yes ma’am!” when asked if I had ordered it. “Don’t call me ma’am, I’m clearly not old enough for you to be calling me ma’am.” Evidently, I didn’t help matters any by saying “I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean anything by it,” because she stormed off after “sweetie.” Fortunately, I was reassured by the two girls that I was with that I wasn’t out of line, and I’ll probably be saying “yes ma’am” on my deathbed.

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