it’s elementary my dear

september 6 is the first day of school for new york students, the day that parents dream of.  unfortunately for us … we are on the wait list and will not be attending the first day of school. yep … a wait list for public school. i have learned the hard way that kindergarten is not a mandated grade in new york city, meaning if they don’t have space for your child in your zoned school then they are not required to make space for them until the first grade.

this saga began when we called to register sophie for kindergarten literally 30 minutes after they closed registration back in the spring – isn’t that  crazy! so now we are on the wait list in hopes that some children have moved out of the neighborhood to make room for miss sophie. i must say that although this has been a frustrating process of not knowing how to plan for sophie’s first year in school, the administration of this school have been extremely kind in helping us navigate this crazy process.

for those that know me … i can be somewhat – well – controlling. i thrive best with structure and knowing that all is in it’s “perfect” order. most of the components of this move to brooklyn have been slowly and steadily breaking me of any disillusion that i have any control over my life or the lives of my husband and children.

lately i have been dwelling on an excerpt from one of my favorite morning reads – jesus calling by sarah young.

“living in dependence on me is a glorious adventure. most people scurry around busily, trying to accomplish things through their own strength and ability. some succeed enormously; others fail miserably. but both groups miss what life is meant to be; living and working in collaboration with me. when you depend on me continually, your whole perspective changes. you see miracles happening all around, while others see only natural occurrences and “coincidences.” you begin each day with joyful expectation, watching to see what i will do. you accept weakness as a gift from me, knowing that my power plugs in most readily to consecrated weakness. you keep your plans tentative knowing that my plans are far superior. you consciously live, move, and have your being in me, desiring that i live in you. i in you and you in me. this is the intimate adventure i offer you.”
{2 corinthians 12:9-10; acts 17:28, colossians 2:6-7, john 14:20}

and so with hopeful expectation – – we will wait.

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