{food joints}: bareburger

this afternoon we happened upon a lovely {organic} burger joint just blocks away from our home. bareburger is located at 170 7th avenue in brooklyn.

{being suckers for good design} we were lured in by the rolled up garage doors, mix + match chairs and reclaimed materials that adorned this happy little lunch spot … and of course their culinary selections sealed the deal!

matt and i both ordered the california burger with sharp cheddar, hass avocado, romaine lettuce, tomato, raw red onion and cilantro lime dressing and opted for bison as our meat of choice. the options included: lamb, wild boar, elk, bison and ostrich!

as i am sure you are quickly gathering, bareburger is not a typical food joint … their offerings and ways of doing business are extremely intentional.

here is part of their mission:
“almost everything placed in bareburger restaurants are built from sustainable and reclaimed material. the tabletops are crafted from trees felled by storms. booths are recycled, post consumer vinyl. the ceilings are paneled with reclaimed tin siding from deconstructed barns. most of the takeout products are made with plant resin or recycled paper products, and all of them (even the bags) are biodegradable. they are proud that the animals that supply the meat have been treated humanely and with respect. bareburger supports farms that provide honest and fair wages. they support local food artisans like NY Foods Organic, Blackwing quality meats, alberts organics, ricks picks and maine root soda. all of the bareburger restaurants are powered by renewable green energy sources from green mountain energy”

i highly recommend this place!

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3 thoughts on “{food joints}: bareburger

  1. Amelia says:

    You are not going to believe this – we tried bareburger on Thursday and LOVED it. We have one on 19th and 8th ave! So glad there is one so close to you too. The sweat potato croq’s are to die for, especially with the chipolte mayo!

  2. Nan Sprouse says:

    Wow – what did the girls eat???

  3. cara grigsby says:

    oh YUM! you should totally try the elk next time. we eat A LOT of elk out here since most of the guys hunt on the property, and i prefer it to beef now.

    love this blog and being able to keep up with ya’ll!

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