never forget

sophie, hazel + i popped in to a local eatery last week for an afternoon dessert date. while there, we began talking to a guy {danny} + gal {kelly} who were sitting next to us. after mentioning that we were newbies to the area, danny quickly  informed us of some must-see’s + do’s of the neighborhood. on his list was sitting on our rooftop on september 11 to view the tribute in light. as he explained this beautiful sight, danny began to look off into the distance. through our conversation i learned that he was a first responder on that fateful day. this strong, friendly and outgoing guy suddenly lost all words as tears began to well up in his eyes and he informed me how many of his friends and colleagues lost their lives.

it’s hard to believe that september 11, 2001 was 11 years ago! i can still remember the morning as if it were yesterday. i was at the gym listening to “in the arms of the angels” by sarah mclaughlin when a newscaster broke in to announce that the first tower had been hit. without thinking, i immediately grabbed my things and drove as fast as i could to my sorority house at samford university to gather with friends and mourn together this awful tragedy. i realized for one of the first times in my life just how evil this world can be.

every anniversary i am taken back to that morning as i hear the names of people who lost their lives. i am once again devastated as i begin to think of dreams not fully discovered, unresolved tensions within relationships, couples not able to live their entire lives together, children losing their parent(s), celebrations that would no longer be the same, etc.

although it has been over a decade i will never forget the sense of the panic, loss, anger and sorrow i felt.

today i will remember those lives that were not lost in vain and all of the people who suddenly became heros all of those years ago!

never – ever – ever – forget!

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One thought on “never forget

  1. Brad says:

    Sweet. Love this real life blog.

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