it’s only natural

first presbyterian’s parents day out {pdo} will forever hold a special place in my heart! pdo was the perfect place for both sophie + hazel to meet friends, become better socialized and begin to foster the learning experience in a classroom setting. after moving to new york, i began to understand that parent’s day out programs are not offered in the city because the insurance is so high that it prohibits churches to offer this kind of program.

there are amazing pre-school options offered in the city but unfortunately they are either completely full and or beyond our price range. for example: some pre-schools average $7,500 a year for two half days {9 am – 12 pm}. this price – – although probably standard for the city – – shocked me after spending roughly $1500 a year for two full days {9 am – 2 pm} in knoxville.

one of my newest friends in park slope has also recently moved to the city and has two darling girls that are three and five years old as well! we are both home with our 3-year olds so we have decided to take advantage of all the learning opportunities that the city has to offer and make nyc our very own hands-on preschool!

this past week we visited the american museum of natural history and explored the world of dinosaurs. it was eye-opening to experience the exhibit through the eyes of two 3-year olds!

the AMNH offers four floors of learning experiences, as well as rotating member programs. upcoming programs that i am looking forward to are:

*field trip to the moon
*behind the scenes in mammalogy: bats, rats and cats
*family astronomy: creatures in the sky

cheers to a great pre-school year!

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One thought on “it’s only natural

  1. Nan Sprouse says:

    Sounds exciting – wish I were in preschool!!

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