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heroes vs. villains . . . halloween crafts

before moving to new york i was only able to browse the creatively stocked pages of paper source’s catalog . . . but not anymore!! the girls and i recently discovered a paper source store located in soho and needless to say we were all instantly mesmerized by all of their offerings. impressively we walked away {this time} with only two sheets of heroes vs. villains wrapping paper! these lovely sheets {only $3.95 each} were the source of two separate halloween activities. an inexpensive way to spread halloween happiness!

{project 1}
heroes vs. villains memory game

{1} sheet of flat wrapping paper
double-sided tape
craft paper
bakers twine

{project 2}
heroes vs. villains halloween mix

{1} sheet of flat wrapping paper
double-sided tape
fall colored m&m’s
candy corn
plastic container {i recycled our talenti sorbet containers}
bakers twine

happy halloween!!

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{food joints} extra virgin

we finally dined at extra virgin last weekend and my only regret is that we didn’t experience it sooner! extra virgin is located in new york’s west village neighborhood and offers mediterranean food as well as varieties of extra virgin oils from around the world each night.

extra virgin is primarily a “walk in” restaurant . . but not to worry . . . their bar is the perfect place to pass the time.

this quaint little spot is fighting a hard battle for my full affection as the place i most want to dine and i must say they are doing a mighty fine job!

be sure to treat yourself to extra virgin as soon as you can!

{extra virgin}
259 west 4th street

**photograph by nicolas goldberg via the new york times

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{read} knuffle bunny

knuffle bunny {based in park slope} is a popular children’s book and one of my girls favorites.

sophie was introduced to knuffle bunny while attending nature’s way montessori in knoxville, tn. little did she know that she was staring at a photograph of her future elementary school as her teacher read the book!

knuffle bunny is a great cautionary tale {as author mo willems refers to the story} no matter where you live!

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{check it} goop

there is so much to discover in brooklyn and at times the task can be a bit daunting … fun … but definitely daunting.

i consider myself a lucky gal because my ever so stylish sister-in-law alyssa has paved the way in most areas for our brooklyn experience. {i believe i have shared that we are renting their space in park slope}. recently alyssa introduced me to goop. goop was founded by gwyneth paltrow as a curation of the best of lifestyle, giving access to recipes, travel guides, fashion, wellness tips, cultural notes and more! yesterday she highlighted brooklyn and offered insight on the best places to dine, drink and shop … thank you gwyneth!

check out goop and sign up for their weekly publications.!!

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fairy dust and make believe

sophie lost her very first tooth today at school. i have to admit, the tooth was so wiggly this morning that i tried to keep her home {just} until it fell out but to no avail … i missed it. just one more example staring me in the face that my little girl is growing up.

this is the first of many milestones in my daughter’s life and i wanted to make sure that this day would be a vivid memory for her – one that she would look back on with a sparkle in her eyes remembering that for a moment make-believe was tangible and real.

sophie was practically born in our {once} store abode – a home furnishings store in downtown knoxville – and because of it, she loves all things involving money, receipts, etc. … at least i would like to think that abode had something to do with her early love for business. i discovered legendary letters on etsy and knew that i had found the perfect way to convince sophie that indeed the tooth fairy was real  – – not that she needed a lot of convincing. we received (3) small manilla envelopes, (3) thank you envelopes to place the money inside and (3) personalized receipts.

i decided to take it a step further … just because … and created a personalized tooth fairy that was all her own. i stumbled upon the fairy name generator, a magical website that creates a fairy based on the first and last name of a child. sophie’s fairy is feather rainbowwand … she is absolutely lovely!

i am enamoured by make-believe and how small sparks of mystery can ignite so much creativity within one’s spirit and hope that my girls never become “too old” to revel in make-believe.

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puddle jumper

just because the weather is ugly does not mean that you have to be . . .

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coney island

sophie celebrated her 5th birthday in knoxville directly before moving to the “big apple”. among her many birthday gifts was the book i live in brooklyn given by her friends, elliot and audie tatler. this book was given in hopes that it would help ease the transition from knoxville to brooklyn and these little ladies could not have been more on point! both sophie + hazel have become completely obsessed with this book and use it as their guide for life as a brooklyn kid.

in the book, the little girl michelle, who lives in carroll gardens tells of her love for taking the f train to coney island with her family. together they enjoy the beach and all that coney island has to offer. upon moving to park slope, we quickly discovered that the f train services our subway stop so of course coney island quickly became the topic of conversation.

we {finally} spent a saturday at the -beloved- coney island {only 25 minutes from our home.} sophie + hazel rode a plethora of nostalgic kiddie rides and were then treated to a nathan’s hotdog for lunch. the boardwalk was not as booming as it is in the summer and i immensely enjoyed being able to leisurely walk while the girls ran ahead of us without a care in the world. it was a crazy juxtaposition to stand on the boardwalk with the sand + ocean to our left and the manhattan skyline to our right.

coney island in the fall is a great {and inexpensive} way to escape city life – even if for a short while. to learn more about what coney island has to offer be sure to check out their website.

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