Cottage by the Sea: My Sanctuary

Thanksgiving is quickly sneaking up on me which has me compiling lists upon lists of all that I have to be thankful for this year. It sounds cliche I know, but unless I intentionally make space to record these moments, (both good + what seemed bad), my days will pass by without allowing me to grasp on to the reality that I have been given much in this life!

2 Brewster

Our cottage by the sea is my sanctuary and I am thankful every day that we are able to enjoy this space and the community it offers. It’s hard to believe that this time last year, we drove my parents and sister to Bellport, NY to see the house of our dreams. Our whirlwind renovation began in mid-March and ended in June and I loved Every Second of it!

3 Brewster

We intentionally designed our home with a calming palette in order to offer our family + guests respite from the city. The art displayed throughout our home tells of our journey to Cuba and boasts of my incredibly artistic + talented dad and great-uncle.

4 Brewster

In telling our story, we felt that it was important to display Abode prominently over our fireplace. Abode was my life … I mean … home furnishings store located in Market Square in Knoxville, TN many moons ago. Abode offered me a place to grow in my love for home design, meet so many talented local artists, and truly learn the balance of being a working mother as both of my girls were practically born and raised there for the first few years of their lives.

5 Brewster

This West Elm rug was the very first purchase I made for our home. I remember feeling on top of the world – literally giddy – after I purchased this rug. The purchase itself was not what was driving my excitement (although I love this rug) rather, it was a pivotal  point where I was able to rediscover and exercise my passion for home design since closing Abode’s doors 7 years prior.

6 Brewster

The twin beds are my father-in-law’s childhood beds that have been modernized with a new coat of paint. There is something about passed down furniture that makes my heart sing as it offers a connection to someone else’s life story.

7 Brewster

My oldest daughter was dead set on having a “graffiti” room. Although I am a big fan of graffiti, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how we would incorporate that into a beach cottage. I was thrilled when I found this graffiti painting (in her favorite colors nonetheless) while traveling to Cuba last winter. That was pure luck!

I am thankful for this home and for the journey it has taken me on to appreciate both my past and present. It is truly my sanctuary.

“Bellport is many things, but most of all, it is a sanctuary for those who still treasure community and good old-fashioned relaxation.” – Town & Country Magazine

*Contractor: Barry Goggin with Meadowview Construction

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