nyc past + present

today i discovered the work of marc a. hermann {a historian of the new york press photographers association} and love his brilliant juxtaposed photographs of nyc as it was then and is now – – bringing back to life the people and stories of this city’s past. marc focuses on historic crime scene photos from the new york daily news archive and then blends them with photographs from the same present locations. i hope that you find his work as intriguing as i do!


{497 dean street, brooklyn}

edna egbert climbed onto her ledge on march 19, 1942. the news captured the distraught woman fighting with the police as she wobbled on the edge. the building is currently painted red, but remains nearly identical to the way it looked 70 years ago.


{923 44th street, brooklyn}

the tree that stands in front this building is the only living witness to gangster frankie yale’s untimely demise on July 1, 1928. yale’s car slammed into the steps of the brooklyn home that day as he was shot to death from a car driving by.


{park slope, brooklyn}

over 130 people were killed aboard the planes united airlines flight 826 and trans world airlines flight 266 in december 1960. the crash  destroyed some buildings beyond repair – the ones that still stand can be seen in this compilation.


{137 wooster street, manhattan}

on feb. 16, 1958 there was a massive and fatal fire at the elkins paper & twine co. the building was leveled, but new commercial space now stands where the elkins paper & twine co. once did.


{south street seaport, manhattan}

the fulton fish market in the south street seaport was engulfed in flames on feb. 26, 1961. these buildings still stand, in various states of occupancy, minus a few floors here and there.


to view more of marc’s work visit his website.

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be your own hero


it is my greatest desire to teach sophie + hazel how to live an authentic life. a life full of love, loss, success and yes … even failure. i want them to know that how they live their life matters and in that perfect balance between the simple + struggle is where true living happens.

recently, we have been ending our days by reading – heroes for my daughter – and have become spellbound by these quick 2-page stories featuring everyday people who made a huge impact on their world. this inspiring collection has impacted my girls and helped them to understand that a true hero is humble, loves others well, refuses to take “no” for an answer and fights long + hard for what they believe in.

some of their favorite stories include:
marie curie {scientist . researcher . nobel prize winner}
joan ganz cooney {helped create sesame street}
alex scott {founder of alex’s lemonade stand}
dolly parton {legendary singer-songwriter . business woman}
lucille ball {actor . trailblazer}

“no matter what stage of life you’re in, when you want something – no matter how impossible it seems – you need to fight for it. when you believe in something, fight for it. and when you see injustice, fight harder than you’ve ever fought before. no one is born a hero. every person featured in {heroes for my daughter} had moments when they were scared and terrified. like you. like me. so how did they achieve what they achieved? because whatever their dreams were, big or small – for their country, for their family, or even for themselves – they never stopped fighting for what they loved”
– brad meltzer {author of heroes for my daughter}

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enjoy today


and in the end
the most important piece of advice
that my past has given me …

is to enjoy life
while you’re living it
you can never know
which moments will be the ones
that you’ll remember
and when happiness will hit you

so be open for anything
at any time
do not fret over the past
but learn from it
and make new memories

for there is only one life
and one chance

-author unknown

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matilda jane

matilda jane

my girls and i have had a long-standing love affair with matilda jane and i am thrilled to join their team as a trunk keeper representing brooklyn, new york!

{about matilda jane}

matilda jane offers girls clothing ranging in sizes from 6 months to tween size 14.  each collection is purposefully designed to blend together. girls are able to confidently gain their own independent style by creating several unique outfits with a handful of pieces. each garment is thoughtfully designed with the understanding of how a child grows. a garment that begins as a dress is able to morph into a top the following year giving longevity to the original piece!

don’t have a daughter or simply love matilda jane as well? a women’s line is also offered through matilda jane!

{what is a trunk keeper}

matilda jane firmly believes in relationships between its company and the customer. trunk keepers allow the customer to have a continued personal experience with the company. as a trunk keeper, it is my job to inform customers of new collection releases, sales events, process orders and will be able to help with sizing and styling.

{how it works}

matilda jane is not sold in stores, making the line more exclusive for its customers.

how to view the line
attend a trunk show at someone’s home
view the collection online

how to order
during a trunk show
create a wish list {an order} online and email is to

{become a jane}

matilda jane extends exclusive benefits to customers that become a “jane” by hosting a trunk show in their home and inviting friends to shop. the benefits include the ability to purchase “jane exclusive” garments that are not sold to the general public and receive significant discounts and matilda jane bucks that can be used on a personal order.

{fall 2013 collection}

the latest collection was recently released on august 1 and i am completely smitten by all that this collection has to offer! i hope that you peruse the collection and love it as much as i do!

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{book work} i’m hooked!

i have read some amazing books – – so good that upon completion i find myself dramatically saying “i don’t think that i can ever read another book again – how could anything compare to what i just finished?!?!?” when lamenting to my mother about this subject, she {quite wisely} suggested that i try another book from the author’s repertoire. the creature of habit in me has not been disappointed.

if you are looking for a good summer read that will enlighten, encourage or entertain you … may i suggest a few …

{melanie benjamin}

melanie benjamin

{kate morton}

kate morton

{liane moriarty}

liane moriarty

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pretty in pink


i am currently obsessed with the images i have seen of lake retba and am adding this to my ever-growing “must travel here” list. lake retba {located 40 km north of dakar} is quite the fashionable lake and is 100% natural. the distinct color is caused by the dunaliella salina bacteria, which is attracted by the lake’s salt content. the bacteria produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight. the lovely pink pallete changes throughout each season but is recommended to be seen june – november for the most vibrant colors.

for now, i may just have to put on my rose colored glasses and stare at the beautiful lakes of tennessee!

happy friday!

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the renegade craft fair


after spending a day at the renegade craft fair i happy tallied the event under –  reasons why i LOVE living in brooklyn. the event was held at east river state park in williamsburg and hosted 300 indie-crafters. the rcf allows attendees the chance to be privy to some of the most innovative artists … heavenly!  after two hours of perusing the aisles {and purchasing some pretty amazing finds!} in the sweltering summer heat, my oldest daughter sophie still could not be dragged away from the scene and to be honest i was glad to have an accomplice while my husband and youngest daughter sought out a place for lunch. i am thankful for the vision of susie daly, mat daly, sarah christensen, justin rathell, madelon juliano and libby alexander for bringing this exquisite event to several cities allowing artists a platform to share their handmade goods in a setting that offers savvy shoppers an experience that is like no other!

in order to best explain the vision behind the renegade craft fair, i have attached an excerpt from their website below.

the renegade craft fair is a curated indie-craft marketplace showcasing the brightest talents in contemporary craft and design. the fairs bring hundreds of makers out of their studios and workshops and into the spotlight for a festive weekend celebration of all things handmade. each individual event is juried from hundreds of applications, then curated to highlight an eclectic array of both experienced and emergent designers producing one-of-a-kind and limited edition goods in a wide variety of media.

renegade is the first, largest, and most well respected event of its kind and has been a major force in pioneering the way for booming DIY craft movement since it’s inception. following the chicago debut in 2003, rcf quickly spread across the us {and “the pond”} and presently hosts events in austin, brooklyn, chicago, london {uk}, los angeles, and san francisco. rcf events attract tens of thousands of people per fair and over 250,000 visitors annually.”

if you happen to find yourself in one of these cities during a renegade craft fair be sure to check it out – it is sure to please!!

the renegade craft fair

a lovely welcome sign

camp renegade

cooling off at camp renegade

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caution … wet paint

“every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – pablo picasso


we happily began {what i am referring to as} our “southern summer tour” at the lake in tennessee this past week. it was a perfect way to jump feet first into a break from scheduled activities.

each summer, my sister-in-law and i create a themed photo shoot involving our four kiddos and enlist the talents of jennifer crook photography to perfectly capture each tyke’s personality. this year while assessing the ages {and energy levels} of the group we chose to host a paint party. this will probably go down in history as one of my most favorite days!

i have to admit that i have snagged these photos from jennifer’s blog because i couldn’t wait a second longer to share her lovely work!

to see our photo shoot from last year click here!














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stay eager …

rain room

“do stuff. be clenched, curious. not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. pay attention. it’s all about paying attention. attention is vitality. it connects you with others. it makes you eager. stay eager!”

-aida azlin

happy friday friends!

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this is some juicy stuff …


i am celebrating the big 3-3 this coming weekend! in light of – – adding another year, a {few} extra pounds and a handful of “laugh marks” – –  i believe it is high time that i wake myself up from the hibernation i {happily} placed myself under for the past couple of months and once again embrace a healthier lifestyle. today i reintroduced myself to slope fitness, my neighborhood gym. although slope fitness and my groggy body are old friends, i have to admit that it did take a bit {oh who am i kidding … a lot} of reacquainting on my part.

the next step for me is a bit of detoxing … thankfully matt and i single handedly finished off the easter candy over a couple of glasses of wine last night {not sure how i picked up the extra pounds …} so there are few tasty temptations left in my humble abode. you can imagine my delight when i stumbled upon the lovely blog –  with style and grace – and discovered her easy {and delicious} juice recipes beautifully displayed in mason jars — be still my heart.

so beginning tomorrow {i had to purchase the provisions today … i cross my heart that it is not a first day of procrastination tactic} i begin my juicing detox. here are a couple of the juices i am looking forward to.

{pineapple + cucumber}
{fresh strawberry + apple + lime}
{beet + lemon + apple + ginger}
{grapefruit + mint}

to see more healthy lifestyle recipes be sure to visit with style and grace and peruse her lovely site!

cheers to spring … finally!

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27 Cupcakes

cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes.

Our Landlocked Life

To the BVI and back...


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