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oh what fun …


it’s that time of year and we are soaking up all of the holiday spirit that this magical city has to offer!

here is a gathering of some of our “must-do’s” during this holiday season. {in no particular order…}

happy holidays!

{eat + drink}
sip cocktails at the plaza hotel
enjoy frozen hot chocolate at serendipity 3
warm up with hot chocolate at jacques torres

peruse department store holiday window displays
purchase an ornament in bloomingdales
stock up on toys in fao schwartz
indulge in dylan’s candy bar
find unique holiday gifts at the holiday shops at bryant park

view the holiday lights in dyker heights
chat with santa at macy’s west 34th street
admire the origami holiday tree at the museum of natural history
see the holiday train at the new york botanical garden
celebrate christmas at trinity wall street’s christmas eve service
listen to jazz at the village vanguard

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help wanted . . . hurricane sandy

in the wake of destruction caused by hurricane sandy, i have felt paralyzed by false thoughts that if i didn’t have time to volunteer at a local shelter, donate old coats, clothes, etc. that there was not much that i could do to make a difference. {this is not something that i am not proud to admit!}

diana warner studio sent an eye-opening e-mail allowing me to recognize that there are more people in need than just those in shelters and there are an abundance of creative ways to help! thanks to diana warner studio i am now motivated to do what i CAN do and encourage both sophie + hazel to join me in the effort.

i hope that diana’s words remind you {as they did me} that indeed, although you are just one person, you have  resources, words, prayers, etc. that can impact a stranger’s life!

i encourage you to do something . . . {even if you do not live in new york and can come up with a million reasons why you CAN’T} . . . you CAN . . . PLEASE do something!!

here are some ways to help. {thank you diana warner studio for these creative + insightful ideas!}

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. donate small. make small donations to relief funds. on the ground here in nyc there are local relief funds making huge differences. there are loving people from all over the city coming together to make an impact. one i found to be making a huge difference is the sandy relief fund at trinity grace. It’s a simple process. create an account here and then under the “give to…” menu, select “hurricane sandy relief.”

 #EatDownTipUp, if you live in the city. it’s simple: eat downtown, where local business and restaurants lost power for nearly a week and help them recover from their losses, and if you can afford it, tip UP. #EatDownTipUp challenges people to double their normal tips. during this past week, so many wages were lost, staff to the thousands of nyc restaurants are struggling, and business owners like myself can’t sleep at night because they worry about their staff and how they will live without those wages in a city so expensive. so #EatDownTipUp …and don’t forget to shop downtown! post about it on twitter & facebook to spread the word!

3. s
hop early for the holidays. every day this week, monday through saturday, at both of our locations (gramercy park and bryant park), as well as our online store and wholesale offices, 10% of our sales will be donated to the sandy relief fund started by trinity grace. your holiday shopping has to happen soon right? well, start NOW and make a huge difference through the sandy relief fund that is making such massive impact in the lives of new yorkers all over this city.

4. write
 a letter, if you don’t have money to give, write a letter to someone in this city. get your communities involved, your classrooms and your businesses. have your classroom write letters to another classroom who lost everything. write a letter to a business owner who lost her home, or to a mother who lost her children. want to write a letter? we have a list of people in need from our community, any encouragement makes more of a difference in lives then you would realize. e-mail kathryndwny@gmail.com for our list to be sent to you.

5. get involved
– with your community that is. what can they do? what can you do? what can you do together to make an impact?

6. share
. tell your friends to get others thinking about what they can do to help rebuild the northeast.
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