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{food joints} chloe’s


my friend melissa and i stumbled upon this yummy destination after taking our kiddos to the macy’s flower show¬†in¬†celebration of one of the first warm{ish} spring days in nyc. we were merrily strolling down the streets of union square when we discovered chloe’s and couldn’t help but stop in this happy little shop and indulge in their soft serve fruit. {i’m still dreaming of their pear soft serve … mouth watering!}

chloe’s offers a cool new way to eat fruit – – their frozen goodness contains only 3 ingredients: real fruit, filtered water and a touch of organic cane sugar. if you find yourself in union square or the hampton’s – then chloe’s must be added to your culinary experience while in new york!

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{food joints} extra virgin

we finally dined at extra virgin last weekend and my only regret is that we didn’t experience it sooner! extra virgin is located in new york’s west village neighborhood and offers mediterranean food as well as varieties of extra virgin oils from around the world each night.

extra virgin is primarily a “walk in” restaurant . . but not to worry . . . their bar is the perfect place to pass the time.

this quaint little spot is fighting a hard battle for my full affection as the place i most want to dine and i must say they are doing a mighty fine job!

be sure to treat yourself to extra virgin as soon as you can!

{extra virgin}
259 west 4th street

**photograph by nicolas goldberg via the new york times

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{food joints} stone park cafe

matt + i experienced stone park cafe six{ish} years ago when visiting matt’s brother kevin and his wife alyssa in park slope. we loved that the menu focused around seasonal ingredients offering both unique and traditional dishes. never would we have imagined that years later we would be living in the same apartment/neighborhood that we once visited and celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary at stone park cafe.

owners josh foster and josh grinker grew up in park slope and opened stone park cafe in 2004. “we wanted stone park cafe to offer value, comfort and superb food for diners in park slope and for anyone who wants to experience the heart and soul of brooklyn. our aim is to raise the bar in brooklyn, using our collective background in some of the city’s finest restaurants to create a dining experience that is casual and unpretentious, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients, served in a comfortable neighborhood environment at an affordable price.”

a job well done to both josh foster and josh grinker for offering a fresh and lovely dining option in the neighborhood!

if you live in park slope or are visiting our neighborhood please be sure to make reservations at stone park cafe it is sure to please every single taste bud!!

stone park cafe
324 fifth avenue {at the corner of 3rd street}
brooklyn, ny

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