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pennies for penny


the holidays are on the horizon and once again i find myself searching for the perfect gift to give to my loved ones.  after happening upon pennies for penny i will look no further.

the thomas family abruptly lost their 21 month old daughter penny in a tragic accident in 2012. in the days immediately following the accident, a community came together to help them in a dark time of desperation. within a few short hours, friends and strangers established and funded a project called “pennies for penny” to help defray big costs that the family had incurred.

“through this charitable act–and many, many others–we felt God’s love like a reassuring arm around us, holding us tightly, letting us know that all was not lost. a little more than a year later, we continue to be inspired by these acts of kindness. we can never match or repay them, but they changed us forever, just like our little penny did. love, family, connection, service, curiousity–these were the important things in life. and so, we committed ourselves to them again. we ache dearly for her each day, but the outpouring we felt from the world around us following the accident reminds us how nice it feels to be taken care of in dark times.”

each sale on pennies for penny will benefit up to three families in need this holiday season.

the penny ring {sold in a set of two} is made from pennies, with “in God we trust” still visible. all rings are individually handmade {with love} by volunteers specifically for the pennies for penny fund.

lives will forever be changed in the rememberance of penny.


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as clean as the fresh fallen snow


the girls and i made these adorable {soapy} snowmen for teacher gifts this holiday. this is an easy, inexpensive and interactive craft that both my 3+5 year olds enjoyed!

make + enjoy + share

* bar of white dove soap
*orange crayon
*twigs {i pulled mine off of our christmas tree}
*ribbon {i braided different colors of bakers twine}

1. grate a bar of soap into a bowl.
2. add a spoonful of water and stir until the mixture holds together {but make sure it does not become too wet}. add another spoonful of water if needed.
3. make three soap balls to create the body.
4. add peppercorn to create the eyes, mouth and buttons
5. cut a triangle from the orange crayon and place the sliver to create the nose.
6. add the twigs to create the arms.
7. add your selected ribbon to make sure your soapy snowman is nice and warm around the neck.


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27 Cupcakes

cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes.

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