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everything is {grand}

we are enjoying our last week at the beach before heading back to the real world. during our last week here we have invited both sets of grandparents to stay with us and soak in the last few carefree days.

this morning we recorded notes for poppy {my dad who could not be here this week} on my mothers nook. sophie + hazel sat quietly and meditatively and poured out their BIG hearts to this small device.

“you are my best buddy” . . . “thank you for telling me little ralphie stories” . . .
“thank you for getting me up from my naps” . . . “i love you so much i could cry” . . .
“please don’t ever forget me”

i was awe-struck by these words and i realized just how lucky i have been to have such amazing parents and in-laws but even more so how rare and lovely it has been for my girls to build such solid relationships with their grandparents from the moment they first entered the world.

although change is eminent, i can now embrace the change confidently knowing that this solid foundation was purposefully built over the past five years and no matter how many miles are between us our relationships will continue to grow stronger than ever before!

we love you omi, poppy, nana + honey

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