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stuff you should buy


it’s a mighty fine thing to witness neighborhoods creating opportunities to support their local creatives!

today my little ladies and i are heading over to ps321 to shop their annual holiday shop featuring over 90 local artisans.

if you are in or around the neighborhood today you should stop by between 10 am – 5 pm!
ps 321: 180 7th avenue {between 1st and second streets} brooklyn, ny

if you are not in the neighborhood you are still in luck because almost all of these lovely shops have an online presence as well! there are some really great finds  – – so be sure to check them out!!

here is a sampling of what i am looking forward to . . .


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rear window

rear window is my most favorite film by alfred hitchcock. since moving to our apartment {where proximity is much closer than we have been used to in the past} i have often been reminded of this cult classic.

the weather in new york is absolutely splendid this time of year, allowing us to turn off our thermostat and leave our windows open to enjoy the crisp breeze. i have enjoyed listening to the sounds of our many neighbors and feel as if this is somehow intertwining all of us together as the melody of life blissfully floats through our windows. the sounds are natural and soothing to me and i am beginning to find my daily rhythm through them. the hum of a vacuum, excitement of children, laughter over dinner, clinking of china, a child crying because they are not ready for bed, delicious tunes . . . all simple in nature but when placed together tells a greater story about the unfiltered joys and sorrows in the day-to-day.

i am thankful for these {faceless} neighbors who together are harmonizing a most rich and beautiful story of life well lived and i hope that our humble abode is contributing well to what is being created on prospect park west.

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