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nyc past + present

today i discovered the work of marc a. hermann {a historian of the new york press photographers association} and love his brilliant juxtaposed photographs of nyc as it was then and is now – – bringing back to life the people and stories of this city’s past. marc focuses on historic crime scene photos from the new york daily news archive and then blends them with photographs from the same present locations. i hope that you find his work as intriguing as i do!


{497 dean street, brooklyn}

edna egbert climbed onto her ledge on march 19, 1942. the news captured the distraught woman fighting with the police as she wobbled on the edge. the building is currently painted red, but remains nearly identical to the way it looked 70 years ago.


{923 44th street, brooklyn}

the tree that stands in front this building is the only living witness to gangster frankie yale’s untimely demise on July 1, 1928. yale’s car slammed into the steps of the brooklyn home that day as he was shot to death from a car driving by.


{park slope, brooklyn}

over 130 people were killed aboard the planes united airlines flight 826 and trans world airlines flight 266 in december 1960. the crash  destroyed some buildings beyond repair – the ones that still stand can be seen in this compilation.


{137 wooster street, manhattan}

on feb. 16, 1958 there was a massive and fatal fire at the elkins paper & twine co. the building was leveled, but new commercial space now stands where the elkins paper & twine co. once did.


{south street seaport, manhattan}

the fulton fish market in the south street seaport was engulfed in flames on feb. 26, 1961. these buildings still stand, in various states of occupancy, minus a few floors here and there.


to view more of marc’s work visit his website.

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heroes vs. villains . . . halloween crafts

before moving to new york i was only able to browse the creatively stocked pages of paper source’s catalog . . . but not anymore!! the girls and i recently discovered a paper source store located in soho and needless to say we were all instantly mesmerized by all of their offerings. impressively we walked away {this time} with only two sheets of heroes vs. villains wrapping paper! these lovely sheets {only $3.95 each} were the source of two separate halloween activities. an inexpensive way to spread halloween happiness!

{project 1}
heroes vs. villains memory game

{1} sheet of flat wrapping paper
double-sided tape
craft paper
bakers twine

{project 2}
heroes vs. villains halloween mix

{1} sheet of flat wrapping paper
double-sided tape
fall colored m&m’s
candy corn
plastic container {i recycled our talenti sorbet containers}
bakers twine

happy halloween!!

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{experience} scotch & soda

i have had a long distance love affair with scotch & soda for some time now {via their online store} and have recently discovered that one of their u.s. stores is located in soho!

scotch & soda is sure to please – – check.them.out!
273 lafayette street; new york, ny 10012

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“be inspired and know that you are doing enough”

that simple tagline is all it took to make me a complete addict to the amazing site of moomah! {thank you erin kalb for pointing me in the direction of this little gem created in the heart of tribeca.}

living in the city, there is always … ALWAYS something to do, see, experience right at your fingertips. upon moving to brooklyn, i made a vow to myself that we would take advantage of all that the city had to offer us throughout our time here. that vow, although well intentioned, gave me permission to place a standard so high for what our days {in my idealistic mind} should consist of and as i am sure one can assume … that lovely little vow backfired on me {already … yeah … i’ve only lived here a week}! with my little ladies in bed and a glass of wine in hand i found myself glassy eyed staring at nyc event calendars, local mom websites, etc. to ensure that sophie + hazel {and myself} were getting the most out of big city living.

after perusing through moomah, i was reminded that inspiration and creative experiences are not fostered through all things planned – in fact it is rather the opposite!

today we had a lovely date with our friends amelia + anna drake daniels who are living in the city for a short time as they escape hurricane season in the british virgin islands. {you can read more about their adventures on island hopping.} we began our day shopping in soho as she introduced me to c. wonder. upon walking in to the store i watched as sophie’s eyes began to light up and asked to use my iphone to take photographs of colors, displays, patterns that inspired her {yeah … she really did … pretty sure she stepped in as teacher on my self-taught course on how to foster your child’s creative spirit.} upon returning home she grabbed her crayons and began drawing things based on all that had inspired her little creative spirit during our time in soho.

today was simple in nature but completely eye-opening for me. i can learn a lot from sophie + hazel. their ability to see beauty and creativity in so many {day to day} things is allowing me to view a much bigger picture of this amazingly diverse city that we now call home!

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