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one of the {many} great things about living in such an iconic city is that there is an abundance of stories centered around the neighborhood in which we call our home. i began collecting books based on new york city when prepping sophie + hazel for the {big} move.

sophie {now half-way through kindergarten … oh my goodness!} is becoming quite a good reader and i am finding that she is drawn to the books about her neighborhood + city due to the familiarity and sense of belonging that these books offer. this is new york, i live in brooklyn, natalie + naughtily and the super adventures of sophie in the city: all in a days work are full of wonder and imagination, bringing the magic of this city right to her fingertips.

below are samplings of these fine reads! if you have any other suggestions for my girls please let me know!!

this is new york
the charm and uniqueness of new york city was never more beautifully and whimsically created for children than in m. sasek’s this is new york. first published in 1960, his vision of new york nearly forty years ago still remains fresh: the hustle and bustle of times square, the ethnic neighborhoods, the awe-inspiring architecture. sasek captured the essences of new york that delight children and parents, many of whom will remember the book from their childhood.

i live in brooklyn
from days on the stoop, playing hopscotch and watching fireworks from the rooftops, to school field trips into the city, where zoos and museums await, michelle introduces readers to her favorite places and things to do. mari takabayashi’s diminutive scenes, busy and cheerful detail, bring the beauty and bustle of new york city to life for children all around the world.

natalie and naughtily
natalie and naughtily nopps live in a house on top of a big department store. natalie loves visiting every floor from top to bottom! naughtily? from bottom to top! one day the girls receive a note from their parents asking them not to play in the store that day! “today we shall go to the store to help!” they agree. evening gowns are on two, perfume and hats on three, coats on four … and on every floor there are customers galore. but will the girls really be any help? vincent x kirsch has created a splendid world for natalie and naughtily, in which every vividly detailed floor in the store has its own magnificent hue. readers will be enchanted by these two impish sisters, their very good intentions, and most of all by the hijinks and adventures they effortlessly conjure up in on one very busy day!

the super adventures of sophie and the city
come explore new york city with sophie as she travels to different worlds in her daddy’s office building with her trusty elevator! learn about fashion, design, weddings, and the glamorous life inside magazine publishing. even though sophie enjoys her time discovering new and magical worlds on each floor, she realizes it is more fun to share amazing experiences with the ones you love, your family. see new york city through the eyes of a curious, adventurous, and imaginative little girl!

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fairy dust and make believe

sophie lost her very first tooth today at school. i have to admit, the tooth was so wiggly this morning that i tried to keep her home {just} until it fell out but to no avail … i missed it. just one more example staring me in the face that my little girl is growing up.

this is the first of many milestones in my daughter’s life and i wanted to make sure that this day would be a vivid memory for her – one that she would look back on with a sparkle in her eyes remembering that for a moment make-believe was tangible and real.

sophie was practically born in our {once} store abode – a home furnishings store in downtown knoxville – and because of it, she loves all things involving money, receipts, etc. … at least i would like to think that abode had something to do with her early love for business. i discovered legendary letters on etsy and knew that i had found the perfect way to convince sophie that indeed the tooth fairy was real  – – not that she needed a lot of convincing. we received (3) small manilla envelopes, (3) thank you envelopes to place the money inside and (3) personalized receipts.

i decided to take it a step further … just because … and created a personalized tooth fairy that was all her own. i stumbled upon the fairy name generator, a magical website that creates a fairy based on the first and last name of a child. sophie’s fairy is feather rainbowwand … she is absolutely lovely!

i am enamoured by make-believe and how small sparks of mystery can ignite so much creativity within one’s spirit and hope that my girls never become “too old” to revel in make-believe.

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