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fairy dust and make believe

sophie lost her very first tooth today at school. i have to admit, the tooth was so wiggly this morning that i tried to keep her home {just} until it fell out but to no avail … i missed it. just one more example staring me in the face that my little girl is growing up.

this is the first of many milestones in my daughter’s life and i wanted to make sure that this day would be a vivid memory for her – one that she would look back on with a sparkle in her eyes remembering that for a moment make-believe was tangible and real.

sophie was practically born in our {once} store abode – a home furnishings store in downtown knoxville – and because of it, she loves all things involving money, receipts, etc. … at least i would like to think that abode had something to do with her early love for business. i discovered legendary letters on etsy and knew that i had found the perfect way to convince sophie that indeed the tooth fairy was real ¬†– – not that she needed a lot of convincing. we received (3) small manilla envelopes, (3) thank you envelopes to place the money inside and (3) personalized receipts.

i decided to take it a step further … just because … and created a personalized tooth fairy that was all her own. i stumbled upon the fairy name generator, a¬†magical website that creates a fairy based on the first and last name of a child. sophie’s fairy is feather rainbowwand … she is absolutely lovely!

i am enamoured by make-believe and how small sparks of mystery can ignite so much creativity within one’s spirit and hope that my girls never become “too old” to revel in make-believe.

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