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just because the weather is ugly does not mean that you have to be . . .

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{sort of} under my umbrella

our saturday morning started off with a chance of rain as we headed to the 7th avenue donut shop for breakfast. ¬†as we left our apartment, i was proud of myself as i dutifully followed my sister-in-laws rule of thumb “when in nyc, always carry an umbrella”.

i’ll admit – – one of the things i have had anxiety over as a {new} new yorker is being caught in the elements without the escape of a car, garage or any of the other southern comforts that i have grown accustomed to. but, just like most things in new york, i was faced with my fear and quickly broken of any plan that i had come up with!

as we began to make the trek back to our apartment, the bottom literally dropped out without any warning. it was raining so hard that the wind was blowing sideways and we could not see in front of us – so much for my loyal umbrella carrying {wink and smile}. we were soaked through and through and quickly just embraced the downpour – closed our umbrellas and ran through the streets laughing at the top of our lungs. it was exhilarating!!

this first “in climate weather” experience will forever be tucked away as one of my favorites in new york. i am thankful to have days like this to remind me to let go a bit more and completely embrace the city where we now live. i am confident that with each “challenge” that comes along, i will be reminded to hold my plans a bit more loosely and repeat the phrase “it is … what it is …and it’s a-okay”!

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